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I have officially given in to my sewing obsession. In every spare moment, I am dreaming of time at my machine, which pattern to try next and what fabric I have on the way. Mind you, I am a total beginner. I can now make a pencil skirt, a flare skirt with pockets and a t-shirt! This gives me enormous pleasure and all I want is more. I have a million grandiose dreams of the wardrobe I will sew for myself this year and I am stickin’ to it.

My Pattern Stash

The Next Fashion Opportunity Pattern Bliss

I am so excited about learning how to make these five patterns. The Tilly and The Buttons Agnes Tee is the only one I’ve tackled so far – with great results. Well, thanks to Tilly creating an online class to take me through it. If you want to sew with knits – go sign up now!

My Agnes Tee

Blue Snake Agnes
My second Agnes Tee – modeled by my lovely assistant, Trinity.

So, for all you other beginners out there, come along, let’s do this. Six months ago, I could not sew without a teacher holding my hand (all respect to my long-suffering, “how to sew a tote bag” instructors). If you want to teach yourself how to sew all of the beautiful outfits in your mind, but either don’t know where to begin or have stopped, started and stopped again, let’s figure out how to get the skills and community we need to do it!

A special shout-out to She’s sew fineHer new beginner sewist blog was the tipping point for me starting this one.

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